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About the edit..

In 2022 the education side of my career really took off - still to this day it blows my mind how many of you come to me on a daily basis to seek advice! So I wanted to create a space for any level of stylist who's constantly looking to better themselves & invest in their education to become an even better hairdresser. It doesn't matter how experienced you are there is something for any level of stylist on this page, I can assure you that! Have the advantage of around the clock education at your fingertips. Whether it be your day off & your looking for some inspiration if your feeling abit stuck (it happens to us all) or your behind the backwash freaking out over what toner to formulate - I've got you covered with this page. Not only will I be constantly there to answer any questions for you but this page is packed with education & tutorials that your mind will never go blank again.

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